CA Gov't Code Section 50961


The governing body of each contracting department shall establish a qualifications review commission that shall include the fire chief, one member of the governing body appointed by the governing body, and one volunteer elected by the volunteers employed by the contracting department.


The qualifications review commission shall review the list of department members each year, and prior to October 1 of each year shall certify to the board those volunteers who have qualified.


In no event shall a member be credited with more than the maximum number of years of service allowed in the award system, as established by the rules and regulations of the board.


With respect to each contracting department that provides benefits for prior service credit, the qualifications review commission shall promulgate and publish guidelines for computing prior service credit. The guidelines shall require the prior service credit to be verified and certified and, in the event that there are no records in existence, the members of the commission and the volunteer shall sign an affidavit certifying that the prior service met the criteria prescribed in Section 50960. The affidavit shall be signed under penalty of perjury. Thereafter, the qualifications review commission shall certify to the board certified prior service credit that has been earned by each member.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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