CA Gov't Code Section 50959


The award system shall be funded by contributions paid by contracting departments and income from the fund. The award system is a noncontributory system, and no contributions shall be required from members of the award system.


As determined by actuarial valuation reported to the contracting department by the award system, each contracting department shall make contributions annually, not later than October 1 of each year, sufficient to meet the prescribed amount with respect to volunteers of the contracting department, in accordance with the conditions provided in its contract under the award system.


Contributions of all contracting departments shall be applied by the board during each fiscal year to meet the obligations of all departments collectively, pursuant to the following order:


In an amount equal to the liabilities accruing on account of awards payable on account of current service.


The balance of contributions on any other liability incurred under this chapter.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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