CA Gov't Code Section 50474

In connection with the erection, improvement, expansion, or maintenance of such airports or facilities, a local agency may:


Regulate the receipt, deposit, and removal, and the embarkation or debarkation of passengers or property to and from such landing places or moorage.


Exact charges, fees, and tolls, and enforce liens for their payment.


Lease or assign for operation any space and any necessary or useful appurtenances, appliances, or other conveniences.


Own and operate aircraft.


Employ pilots.


Regulate the use of the airport and facilities and other property or means of transportation within or over the airport.


Perform any duties necessary or convenient for the regulation of air traffic.


Enter into contracts or otherwise cooperate with the federal government or other public or private agencies.


Exercise powers necessary or convenient in the promotion of aeronautics and commerce and navigation by air.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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