CA Gov't Code Section 50061.5


The legislative body of the local agency shall cause to be prepared and filed with the clerk of the local agency a written report which shall contain all of the following:


Plans and specifications for the improvements.


An estimate of the costs of the improvements.


A diagram of the district and a description of each lot or parcel of property proposed to be subject to the assessment.


The amount of the assessment for each lot or parcel for the initial fiscal year and the maximum amount of the assessment that may be levied for each lot or parcel during any fiscal year thereafter.


The duration of the assessment.


The basis of the assessment.


The schedule of the assessment.


A description specifying the requirements for the protest and hearing procedures referred to in Section 50063 necessary for imposing the proposed assessment.


If the report proposes the levy of an assessment for more than one year to pay debt service on bonds or notes, or to pay for the maintenance of natural habitat, the report shall also contain both of the following:


If bonds or notes will be issued pursuant to Section 50068, an estimate of their principal amount.


A general description of the habitat maintenance program and a statement of the maximum costs of the maintenance program for each year of its expected duration.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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