CA Gov't Code Section 50061


The ordinance or resolution shall establish uniform assessment rates based on the costs of providing the maintenance or improvement by the district. The assessment shall be related to the benefits to the property assessed. The maximum amount that may be assessed for habitat maintenance on any lot or parcel for purposes of paying costs incurred in 1994 for long-term maintenance of natural habitat pursuant to this article shall not exceed twenty-five dollars ($25). For subsequent years, the maximum amount that may be assessed for this purpose shall not exceed twenty-five dollars ($25) increased by the percentage increase in the California Consumer Price Index between December 1993 and December of the year prior to the year of the assessment. The total amount assessed shall not exceed the anticipated actual costs of the authorized maintenance of natural habitat.


Notwithstanding subdivision (a), land that is devoted primarily to agricultural, timber, or livestock uses and that is being used for the commercial production of agricultural, timber, or livestock products may be subject to an assessment by a district for the acquisition, construction, or operation and maintenance of natural habitat pursuant to this article only if the legislative body makes both of the following determinations:


The agricultural, timber, or livestock land will be specially benefited by the natural habitat. The determination shall identify the nature of the benefit to the land.


Agricultural, timber, or livestock uses or practices will be eliminated in a manner that will adversely affect the habitat area or the flora or fauna that the natural habitat is intended to protect, or the owner of the land has agreed to the assessment. No land is subject to an assessment until its agricultural, timber, or livestock use is eliminated or until the owner consents to the assessment, whichever occurs first.


Division 4.5 (commencing with Section 3100) of the Streets and Highways Code applies to proceedings in which the legislative body determines to issue bonds or notes pursuant to Section 50068, or to finance a long-term natural habitat maintenance program in a district, and may be applied to any other proceedings pursuant to this article at the discretion of the legislative body.
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