CA Gov't Code Section 39934

To secure the benefits of this article and of Article XV of the Constitution to such city and to the people generally, a city in which a navigable water is situated may:


By ordinance establish public streets and other public rights of way to the water over, upon, or along the tidelands in the city fronting on the navigable water, which streets and rights of way are required for connecting the navigable water with public streets of the city or for any other public purpose.


Lay out, open, widen, narrow, close up, construct, maintain, and improve such streets and other public rights of way.


Fill or authorize to be filled all or part of tidelands between the streets and between the mainland and established harbor lines. If lands are filled in, sufficient streets shall be opened and maintained open through or adjacent to the filled lands to allow the public convenient and adequate access to and along the water front of the lands and to the navigable waters.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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