CA Gov't Code Section 37111.1

When a legislative body deems it necessary that land purchased in fee for any municipal purpose and subsequently dedicated by use for park purposes should be used for other municipal purposes, it may adopt an ordinance by a four-fifths vote, after giving notice and conducting a public hearing, declaring the necessity and providing that such lands can be used for other municipal purposes provided that (a) an equal or greater amount of city property has also been acquired within the previous three years and has been dedicated and has been developed, or will within a reasonable period of time be developed, for similar park purposes and (b) the proposed use of the park land conforms to the city’s general plan. This section shall not be applicable to land dedicated for park purposes by a donor or acquired by eminent domain procedures for park purposes or acquired by funds obtained from bonds voted for park purposes. This procedure is an alternative procedure to any other procedures contained in the law.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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