CA Gov't Code Section 31837.1

Notwithstanding Sections 31837 and 31838, any member covered under Section 31751 who elects, pursuant to Sections 31700 and 31832, to leave accumulated contributions on deposit may be retired for disability and receive a disability retirement allowance under this section during any period hereafter in which the member receives a disability retirement allowance under the Public Employees’ Retirement System, a retirement system established under this chapter in another county, the State Teachers’ Retirement System or a retirement system of any other public agency of the state that has established reciprocity with the Public Employees’ Retirement System subject to the conditions of Section 31840.2, subject to all of the following conditions:


That such allowance shall not be paid if the period intervening between the last service credited under this system and becoming a member in such other system exceeds six months.


That, if the member is retiring for non-service-connected disability, the disability requirements shall be that of the other system and the member’s retirement allowance shall be based on the other system’s disability benefit formula. The disability benefit received in the county shall be calculated as if all the member’s service was in the other system but then prorated using the ratio of service in this county to the total service in both systems.


That, if the member is retiring for disability arising out of and in the course of employment subject to such other system, the allowance to the member shall be an annuity which is the actuarial equivalent of the member’s accumulated contributions at the time of retirement.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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