CA Gov't Code Section 31685.2


The nonmember who is awarded a separate account shall have the right to a refund of the accumulated contributions and interest credited in the separate account of the nonmember.


The nonmember shall file an application on a form provided by the system to obtain the refund.


The refund shall be effective when the system deposits in the United States mail an initial warrant drawn in favor of the nonmember and addressed to the latest address for the nonmember on file with the system.


The nonmember is deemed to have permanently waived all rights in the system and all rights to any future retirement benefits pertaining to the service credit accumulated contributions, or both, when the refund becomes effective.


The nonmember may not cancel a refund once it has become effective.


The nonmember shall have no right to elect to redeposit the refunded accumulated contributions from the nonmember’s account after the refund is effective, and shall have no right to redeposit or to purchase service credit after the refund becomes effective.


If at the time of the marriage dissolution or legal separation, the member does not have the necessary minimum credited service to elect deferred retirement, the nonmember shall receive a refund of the accumulated contributions and credited interest placed in the nonmember’s account.


If the nonmember receives a refund under this section, the member may elect to redeposit accumulated contributions and interest refunded to the nonmember and to receive credit for the service time that had been forfeited by the nonmember. The election shall be made within five years of receipt of notice from the board of eligibility to redeposit the contributions. The board shall establish the manner of payment and the time period within which the redeposit of contributions may be made. The interest rate established by the board shall be the same as that charged to members on all other redeposits.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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