CA Gov't Code Section 31676.18

This section may be made applicable in any county on the first day of the month after the board of supervisors of the county adopts, by majority vote, a resolution providing that this section shall become applicable in the county. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this chapter, the current service pension or the current service pension combined with the prior service pension is an additional pension for members purchased by the contributions of the county or district sufficient, when added to the service retirement annuity, to equal the fraction of one-fiftieth of the member’s final compensation set forth opposite the member’s age at retirement, taken to the preceding completed quarter year, in the following table multiplied by the number of years of current service or years of current and prior service with which the member is entitled to be credited at retirement, but in no event shall the total retirement allowance exceed the member’s final compensation. Age at Retirement Fraction 50 1.0000 50¼ 1.0125 50½ 1.0250 50¾ 1.0375 51 1.0500 51¼ 1.0625 51½ 1.0750 51¾ 1.0875 52 1.1000 52¼ 1.1125 52½ 1.1250 52¾ 1.1375 53 1.1500 53¼ 1.1625 53½ 1.1750 53¾ 1.1875 54 1.2000 54¼ 1.2125 54½ 1.2250 54¾ 1.2375 55 and over 1.2500 In any county operating under this section, any limitations in any provisions of this chapter upon the amount of compensation used for computing rates of contributions shall be disregarded. Wherever in this chapter reference is made to survivorship benefits and rights under Section 31676.1, the same shall apply to this section. This section shall apply to members employed by the county on or after the date this section becomes operative in the county.
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