CA Gov't Code Section 31596.1

The expenses of investing its moneys shall be borne solely by the system. The following types of expenses shall not be considered a cost of administration of the retirement system, but shall be considered as a reduction in earnings from those investments or a charge against the assets of the retirement system as determined by the board:


The costs, as approved by the board, of actuarial valuations and services rendered pursuant to Section 31453.


The compensation of any bank or trust company performing custodial services.


When an investment is made in deeds of trust and mortgages, the fees stipulated in any agreement entered into with a bank or mortgage service company to service such deeds of trust and mortgages.


Any fees stipulated in an agreement entered into with investment counsel for consulting or management services in connection with the administration of the board’s investment program, including the system’s participation in any form of investment pools managed by a third party or parties.


The compensation to an attorney for services rendered pursuant to Section 31607 or legal representation rendered pursuant to Section 31529.1.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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