CA Gov't Code Section 31522.4


In a county in which the board of retirement or both the board of retirement and the board of investment have appointed personnel pursuant to Sections 31522.1 and 31522.2, the respective board or boards may elect to appoint assistant administrators, persons next in line of authority to assistant administrators, chief legal officers, chief deputy legal officers, chief investment officers, and investment officers next in line of authority to chief investment officers as provided for in this section. These positions designated by the board or boards shall not be subject to county charter, civil service, or merit system rules. The persons appointed shall be county employees and their positions shall be included in the salary ordinance or salary resolution adopted by the board of supervisors for the compensation of county officers and employees. The persons appointed shall be directed by, shall serve at the pleasure of, and may be dismissed at the will of, the appointing board or boards. Specific charges, a statement of reasons, or good cause shall not be required as a basis for dismissal of the persons so appointed by the appointing board or boards.


This section shall not apply to any person who was an assistant administrator, person next in line of authority to an assistant administrator, chief legal officer, chief deputy legal officer, chief investment officer, or investment officer next in line of authority to a chief investment officer and was included in the county civil service or was subject to merit system rules on December 31, 2001, unless that person consents to make this section applicable to him or her.


This section shall only apply to a county of the first class, as defined by Section 28020, as amended by Chapter 1204 of the Statutes of 1971, and Section 28022, as amended by Chapter 43 of the Statutes of 1961.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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