CA Gov't Code Section 31515.5

The board of supervisors, in compliance with Section 23026, shall make public, at a regularly scheduled meeting of the board, all salary and benefit increases that affect either or both represented employees and nonrepresented employees. Notice of any salary or benefit increase shall be included on the agenda for the meeting as an item of business in compliance with the requirements of Section 54954.2. Notice shall occur prior to the adoption of the salary or benefit increase, and shall include an explanation of the financial impact that the proposed benefit change or salary increase will have on the funding status of the county employees’ retirement system.
The board of retirement, or board of investments in a county in which a board of investments has been established pursuant to Section 31520.2, is authorized, consistent with its fiduciary duties, to have an enrolled actuary prepare an estimate of the actuarial impact of the salary or benefit increase. The actuarial data shall be reported to the board of supervisors.
Nothing in this section shall be construed to limit or lessen the requirement imposed by Section 7507 that the costs associated with increases in benefits be determined by an enrolled actuary and publicly disclosed two weeks prior to an adoption of the increase in benefits.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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