CA Gov't Code Section 31511


The retirement plan created by this article shall be known as Retirement Plan 3.


This article shall be applicable in the retirement system of any county of the 13th class as described by Sections 28020 and 28034, if the board of supervisors executes a memorandum of understanding agreement with employee representatives and adopts, by majority vote, a resolution providing that the article shall be applicable.


The purpose of this article is to provide a noncontributory retirement plan for general members as an alternative to the provisions and benefits otherwise contained in this chapter.


The retirement benefits of (1) all general members employed after the date this article is made operative and (2) existing general members who transfer to the plan herein created, shall be governed by this article.


In the event of a conflict, this article shall supersede and prevail over other provisions or application of provisions otherwise contained in this chapter.


Except as otherwise provided below, the provisions contained in this chapter shall apply:


Article 10 (commencing with Section 31720) shall not apply.


Article 16.5 (commencing with Section 31870) shall not apply.


Article 15 (commencing with Section 31830) shall only be applicable for service retirement. Those provisions of Article 15 (commencing with Section 31830) dealing with disability retirement and the requirement relating to the deposit of accumulated member contributions shall not apply.


Except as otherwise provided, any member who upon retirement receives a retirement pension calculated in accordance with sections or provisions added to this article subsequent to the effective date of this article shall have his or her pension calculated under each such section or provision only for the period of time that those sections or provisions were in effect, unless otherwise mutually agreed between the employer and its employee representatives.


Unless specifically otherwise provided therein, no amendment to this article enacted subsequent to the effective date of this article shall apply to any county or to the employees of any county unless and until mutually agreed to by the employer and employee representatives and adopted by majority resolution of the board of supervisors.
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