CA Gov't Code Section 31490


Except as provided in Sections 31490.5 and 31494, and under reciprocal provisions of this article, a member who was in public service prior to becoming a member may not elect to receive credit in this retirement plan for that public service time, and shall not receive credit for that prior public service.


Absence from work or termination of employment while an eligible employee or disability beneficiary, as defined by a disability plan provided by the employer, shall not be considered as breaking the continuity of service.


For the purposes of subdivision (b) of Section 31491, an unpaid leave of absence of not to exceed one year, or a leave of absence for which an employee receives any benefit that has been approved by the employer, shall not be considered an interruption of service. However, a payroll period in which no compensation is received by a member shall not be considered as service in calculating the benefits otherwise provided under this article.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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