CA Gov't Code Section 31469.3

“Safety member” means any person who is any of the following:


A member of a pension system established pursuant to either Chapter 4 or Chapter 5, who elects by written notice filed with the board, to become a safety member.


Any person employed by a county, subject to Section 31676.1 or 31695.1 or by a district or court organized or existing within such a county, whose principal duties consist of active law enforcement or active fire suppression as described in Section 31470.2 and 31470.4, or active lifeguard service as limited by Section 31470.6 or juvenile hall group counseling and group supervision if adopted by the board of supervisors as provided in Section 31469.4.


Any person described in Section 31469.2 in any county in which Section 31470.14 has become operative.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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