CA Gov't Code Section 31461.45


This section applies only to a county of the first class, as defined by Section 28020.


“Compensation earnable” in a county of the first class shall include only those items of remuneration specifically included as a result of the court-approved settlement in (1) the consolidated cases of Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers’ Association, et al. v. Board of Retirement, Los Angeles County Employees’ Retirement Association (Los Angeles County Superior Court, Case No. BS 051355) and Milton Cohen v. Board of Retirement, Los Angeles County Employees’ Retirement Association (Los Angeles County Superior Court, Case No. BS 051774), (2) the case of Los Angeles County Fire Department Association of Chiefs, et al. v. Board of Retirement, Los Angeles County Employees’ Retirement Association, County of Los Angeles (Los Angeles County Superior Court, Case No. BS 057432), and (3) the case of Cecil Bugh v. Board of Retirement, Los Angeles County Employees’ Retirement System (Los Angeles County Superior Court, Case No. BS 055611), all of which were included in Coordination Proceeding Special Title (Rule 1550(b)), Retirement Cases, Judicial Council Coordination Proceeding No. 4049, even if a final judicial determination in that coordinated case, or any subsequent case, should conclude that any additional item of remuneration must be included in that definition with respect to any other county. Those items of remuneration in addition to base salary and the pensionable portion, if any, of cafeteria plan contributions, are set forth in Resolution No. 01-001, adopted by the board of retirement on or before the effective date of this section and shall include only the following: Earnings Code No. Title 099 Patrol Station Retention Bonus 358 Temporary Promotion Bonus 359 Lifeguard Paramedic, Catalina 503 Uniform Allowance 504 Night Shift Differential 505 Coroner’s Inquest Reporter 507 Cogeneration or Hydroelectric Ops and Mtce 508 Henninger Flats Watchman 509 Freezer Work 510 Department Head Merit 511 Board of Supervisors Performance Lump Sum 512 Fire Suppression Transportation Truck Driver 514 Backhoe Operator 516 Explosives Work 517 Evening Shift Differential 518 Power Equipment Repair, Snow Conditions 519 Engineering Employees, Hazard Pay 520 Home Care Compensation 522 Custodian Acting as Watchman 523 DPD Deputy Director Recruitment Incentive 525 Contracting and Productivity Improvement Incentive for Managers 528 WEBCOM Press Operator 529 Power Equipment Operator, Fire Suppression 530 RN Extra Weekends Worked 531 Standby 532 Additional Responsibilities or Exceptional Performance 533 Power Sweeper Operator in Emergency Conditions 534 Power Plant Relief Engineer 535 Clinic Physician, First Hour and One-Half 536 Consulting Specialist, MD, & Mental Health Consultant, MD, First and Fifth Hours 538 RN Assigned as Acting or Relief Charge Nurse 539 RN Weekend Differential 540 Relief Nurse Holiday Differential (Hourly Item) 541 Relief Nurse Weekend Differential (Hourly Item) 544 Appraisers Laundry and Dry Cleaning Allowance 545 Heavy Duty Tow Truck Driver 546 Slurry Seal Truck Driver 547 Lifeguard Paramedic-Shift 548 Lifeguard Paramedic-Hourly 550 Incentive Awards for Medi-Cal Reimbursements, Health Services 551 Group Incentive Award, Treasurer Tax Collector 553 Pioneer Excavation, Tunnel Operations, Fire Suppression and Snow Removal—Construction Inspection and Surveying Groups 554 Pioneer Excavation, Tunnel Operations, Fire Suppression and Snow Removal 555 Scaffold or Swing Stage, 30 Feet Above Grade 556 High Scale and Rigging Operations, General 557 Evening Shift, Med Tech 558 Night Shift, Med Tech 565 Paramedic Recertification Bonus 567 Deputy Sheriff Reserve Annual Compensation 570 Home Care Program Standby 571 CSW Licensure Supervision 572 MOU Lump Sum Bonus 601 Lifeguard Paramedic, Relief 602 Supervising Transportation Deputy Performing Dispatcher Duties 603 Automotive Service Excellence Certificates 604 RN Mobile Intensive Care Certification 605 Custodian Floor Waxing Bonus 606 Fire Equipment Mechanic Assigned Field Repair Duties 607 SDPO Assigned Acting Director In A Camp 608 Bilingual Bonus 609 RN Assigned to Emergency Room 610 Antelope Valley Firefighting Crew 611 Tree Trimmer Supervisor, Power Operations 612 Shooting Bonus, Expert 613 Shooting Bonus, Distinguished Expert 614 Shooting Bonus, Marksman 615 Shooting Bonus, Sharpshooter 616 Antelope Valley Quarters, On Fire Call 617 Clinic Nurse Assigned to Probation Camp 618 Transportation Bus Driver, Sheriff 619 Lifeguard Paramedic 620 San Gabriel Dam Operator 621 Nurse Retention Incentive 622 Advanced Appraiser Certification 623 Probation Transcriber Typist Production Incentive 624 Bilingual Additional Bonus Children’s Social Workers 625 Agriculture Inspectors Assigned to Standardization 626 Firefighter Paramedic not Assigned to a Paramedic Post 628 Bilingual Bonus for Other Than Monthly Employees 629 Mortuary Attendant at LAC/USC MC 630 Safety Police Educational/Longevity Incentive 632 Mental Health Workers Assigned to Sheriff’s Detention Facilities 634 Supervising Detention Services Officer of the Day 635 Transportation Deputy Bus Driver, Probation 636 Sheriff’s Station Commander Expenses 637 Professional Development Expenses 638 Probation Telecom Equipment Bonus 639 Intern Housing Allowance LAC/USC Med. Center 640 Children’s Services ERCP Retention 641 Shooting Bonus, Expert-Reserve 642 Shooting Bonus, Distinguished Expert-Reserve 643 Shooting Bonus, Marksman-Reserve 644 Shooting Bonus, Sharpshooter-Reserve 645 Welder Certification Bonus 782 FLSA Premium Pay for Regularly Scheduled Work Assignment 903 Non-Elective Leave Buyback 910 Sick Buyback 911 Vacation Buyback 912 Holiday Buyback 913 Sick Pre-71 Buyback 914 Sick Buyback-Probation 56 Hour 915 Vacation Buyback-56 Hour 930 Special Paid Leave Buyback 931 Appraisers Leave Buyback 932 Intern/Resident Leave Buyback None Emp Suggest None Park, Nontaxable None Park, Taxable None Prior Salary None Transportation Allowance None Traffic Mitigation Any additional item of remuneration may subsequently be included in “compensation earnable” pursuant to a memorandum of understanding between a county of the first class and any of its recognized employee organizations or a resolution adopted by its board of supervisors.


No item of remuneration included in “compensation earnable” as a result of the court-approved settlement and as set forth in the resolution described above in subdivision (b) may be removed therefrom as a result of any subsequent judicial determination, except that a county of the first class and a recognized employee organization may agree only through a memorandum of understanding to exclude the item of remuneration from “compensation earnable” or the board of supervisors may adopt a resolution excluding the item of remuneration from “compensation earnable” with respect to nonrepresented employees.


This section shall not be operative in the county until the board of supervisors, by resolution adopted by a majority vote, makes the provisions of this section applicable in the county.
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