CA Gov't Code Section 31452.65

Upon receipt of proof, satisfactory to the board, that a warrant or check drawn in payment of a retirement allowance or in payment of any other account due from the retirement system has been lost or destroyed, the treasurer or other entity authorized by the board upon request of the board of retirement shall as provided by Section 31590 issue a duplicate warrant or check bearing the same date as the original in payment of the same amount, without requiring a bond from the payee, and the treasurer or other entity authorized by the board shall pay the duplicate in lieu of the original warrant or check and any losses incurred by reason of the issuance of duplicate warrants or checks shall be a charge against the account from which the payment is derived.
This section shall not be operative in any county until the time as the board of supervisors shall, by resolution, make this section applicable in the county.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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