CA Gov't Code Section 31452.5


The board may comply with and give effect to a revocable written authorization signed by a retired member or beneficiary of a retired member entitled to a retirement allowance or benefit under this chapter or the California Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act of 2013, authorizing the treasurer or other entity authorized by the board to deduct a specified amount from the retirement allowance or benefit payable to any retired member or beneficiary of a retired member for any of the following purposes:


Paying premiums on any policy or certificate of group life insurance or group disability insurance issued by an admitted insurer.


Paying premiums for a prepaid group medical or hospital service plan.


Paying premiums for a vision care program or dental plan, approved by the board, for the benefit of the retired member or his or her dependents.


Paying premiums on national service life insurance or United States government converted insurance.


Payment for the purchase of shares in or the payment of money to any regularly chartered credit union.


Payment to a charitable organization or a federally chartered veterans’ organization that is approved by the board.


Payments to a recognized retiree organization.


Payment for the purchase of United States savings bonds.


The payment of personal income taxes to the government of the United States or the State of California.


Payment for any retiree benefit programs available through the recognized retiree organization. The board may require that this payment be to a single party designated by the recognized retiree organization, either to itself or to a third-party administrator.


Each month the order shall be drawn in favor of the insurer, institution, credit union, organization, or government named in the written authorization for an amount equal to the deductions authorized in subdivision (a) and made during the month.


The board may charge a reasonable fee for the making of the deductions and payments.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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