California Government Code

Sec. § 30052


Notwithstanding Section 13340, the two accounts in the Local Public Safety Fund created in Section 30051 are hereby continuously appropriated, without regard to fiscal years, to the Controller for allocation to each qualified county in proportion to its share of the total taxable sales in all qualified counties during the most recent calendar year for which sales have been reported by the State Board of Equalization. The amounts so allocated shall be available only for public safety services, and shall be allocated in each qualified county in the manner and amount determined pursuant to Section 30054.


For purposes of this chapter:


“Public safety services” includes, but is not limited to, sheriffs, police, fire protection, county district attorneys, county corrections, and ocean lifeguards. “Public safety services” does not include courts.


“Qualified county” means:


With respect to the Interim Public Safety Account, any county in which the board of supervisors, on or before August 1, 1993, adopts a resolution that does both of the following:


Requests an allocation of revenue from the Local Public Safety Fund.


Ratifies the statewide imposition of an additional 12 percent rate of sales and use tax pursuant to Senate Constitutional Amendment 1 on the November 2, 1993, special election ballot.


With respect to the Public Safety Account, any county in which the board of supervisors has adopted a resolution as described in subparagraph (A) or in which the tax levied pursuant to Section 35 of Article XIII of the California Constitution is approved by a majority of the county’s voters voting on the issue at the November 2, 1993, special election.


The board of supervisors of a qualified county shall send a copy of the resolution adopted pursuant to subdivision (b) to the Controller.

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