California Government Code

Sec. § 29550.2


Any person booked into a county jail pursuant to any arrest by any governmental entity not specified in Section 29550 or 29550.1 is subject to a criminal justice administration fee for administration costs incurred in conjunction with the arresting and booking if the person is convicted of any criminal offense relating to the arrest and booking. The fee which the county is entitled to recover pursuant to this subdivision shall not exceed the actual administrative costs, as defined in subdivision (c), including applicable overhead costs as permitted by federal Circular A 87 standards, incurred in booking or otherwise processing arrested persons. If the person has the ability to pay, a judgment of conviction shall contain an order for payment of the amount of the criminal justice administration fee by the convicted person, and execution shall be issued on the order in the same manner as a judgment in a civil action, but the order shall not be enforceable by contempt. The court shall, as a condition of probation, order the convicted person to reimburse the county for the criminal justice administration fee.


All fees collected by a county as provided in this section and Section 29550, may be deposited into a special fund in that county which shall be used exclusively for the operation, maintenance, and construction of county jail facilities.


As used in this section, “actual administrative costs” include only those costs for functions that are performed in order to receive an arrestee into a county detention facility. Operating expenses of the county jail facility including capital costs and those costs involved in the housing, feeding, and care of inmates shall not be included in calculating “actual administrative costs.” “Actual administrative costs” may include any one or more of the following as related to receiving an arrestee into the county detention facility:


The searching, wristbanding, bathing, clothing, fingerprinting, photographing, and medical and mental screening of an arrestee.


Document preparation, retrieval, updating, filing, and court scheduling related to receiving an arrestee into the detention facility.


Warrant service, processing, and detainer.


Inventory of an arrestee’s money and creation of cash accounts.


Inventory and storage of an arrestee’s property.


Inventory, laundry, and storage of an arrestee’s clothing.


The classification of an arrestee.


The direct costs of automated services utilized in paragraphs (1) to (7), inclusive.


Unit management and supervision of the detention function as related to paragraphs (1) to (8), inclusive.


It is the Legislature’s intent in providing the definition of “actual administrative costs” for purposes of this section that this definition be used in determining the fees for the governmental entities referenced in subdivision (a) only. In interpreting the phrases “actual administrative costs,” “criminal justice administration fee,” “booking,” or “otherwise processing” in Section 29550 or 29550.1, it is the further intent of the Legislature that the courts shall not look to this section for guidance on what the Legislature may have intended when it enacted those sections.

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