CA Gov't Code Section 25905

The board of supervisors may contract with a nonprofit corporation or association for the conducting of an agricultural fair, as agent of the county, for a period not exceeding five years. The contract may provide for the use, possession, and management of any public park or fairgrounds by the nonprofit corporation, as agent of the county, during the period of the contract. All net proceeds received by the nonprofit corporation, from whatever source, shall be deposited within 60 days after the conclusion of any fair in a county fair fund that shall be established in the county treasury for that purpose. The moneys in the fund shall be expended only for support of the county fair, including maintenance and operation of the county fair facilities, premiums, purposes incidental to the fair, capital outlay for fair purposes and for the acquisition or purchase of real property to be used for fair purposes. The corporation shall submit an annual budget to the Department of Food and Agriculture, showing the estimated revenues and the proposed expenditures from all sources during the ensuing calendar year, which budget shall first be approved by the county board of supervisors. Any other provisions of law relating to county fairs as a condition to receiving an allocation of state money for fair purposes shall be observed by the nonprofit corporation. When that use, possession, and management is granted, the board may also allocate and pay to the nonprofit corporation in advance a sum of money it deems necessary to be used for the purposes for which that use, possession, and management is granted.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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