CA Gov't Code Section 25539

In any county the board of supervisors may prescribe by order a procedure alternative to that required by Sections 25526 to 25535 of this article with respect to the manner in which, and the location at which, any real property belonging to such county may be sold. Any alternative procedure so prescribed may require that the proposed sale of real property be conducted by a county officer, or his duly authorized representative, and that the proposed sale may be conducted on the property site. Any such alternative procedure shall provide that, except with respect to the person conducting the sale and the location at which the sale is to be conducted, all of the provisions of this article with respect to: (1) the adoption of a resolution of intention; (2) the giving of notice of the adoption of the resolution and the time and place of sale; (3) the examination of the proposals and the acceptance of the highest bid; (4) the procedure for calling for oral bids; and (5) the acceptance or rejection of bids, shall be applicable to the alternative procedure so prescribed and that any final acceptance of a bid by the person conducting the sale shall be subject to the approval of the board of supervisors by resolution authorizing and directing the execution of the deed as provided in Section 25535 of this article.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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