CA Gov't Code Section 25536.2

Whenever real property has been granted to a county, prior to January 1, 1942, by gift deed for theatrical, musical or other cultural purposes, the board of supervisors, in addition to its other powers, may, from time to time as required by the public interest and without complying with the other provisions of this article, enter into an operating lease or management contract with a nonprofit corporation or association for the maintenance, operation, or management of such property for uses consistent with the gift deed and as a place of public assembly for the use, benefit and enjoyment of the public. The term of any such lease or management contract shall not exceed 30 years and may be upon such other terms and conditions as may be agreed upon and as may be required to comply with the limitations and restrictions upon the use of the property contained in the gift deed. The provisions of this section shall apply only to a county with a population of seven million (7,000,000) or more as shown in the 1970 federal decennial census.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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