CA Gov't Code Section 25258

The application for a discharge from accountability under Section 25257 shall include:


The amount owing.


Except where disclosure of such information is prohibited by state or federal law, the names of the assessees or persons liable and the amounts owed by each, which may be by reference to specific documents incorporated thereby in the application.


The estimated cost of collection, or a statement that the likelihood of collection does not warrant the expense involved, or a specific reference to the official records establishing that the amount owed has been compromised or adjusted. If requested by the board of supervisors, the applicant shall furnish such additional information as the board deems necessary to determine that the request for discharge is justified.


Any other fact warranting the discharge, except where the board of supervisors determines that the circumstances do not warrant the furnishing of detailed information.


A verification by the applicant that the facts stated in the application are true and correct, which may be made on information and belief.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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