CA Gov't Code Section 24308


Notwithstanding Sections 24300 and 24304, the board of supervisors of any county may organize, pursuant to ordinance or charter, the delivery of any services for which county government is responsible under state law, into departments or agencies that provide multiple services, except those duties and responsibilities of other elected county officials mandated by the California Constitution or by statute. Any county board of supervisors that elects to organize the delivery of services may consolidate, integrate, or separate duties and functions of county offices and organizational units within departments, to the extent deemed necessary by the board of supervisors.


All personnel, including the heads of units within departments organized pursuant to this section and formed from units formerly within other county departments, shall possess the particular qualifications required by the statutes governing provision of the services provided by those departments. These qualifications include standards of education and experience to assure competence appropriate for the direction of the departments or the local administration of county functions.


This section shall not permit the occupant of a consolidated, integrated, or separated office to practice any profession or trade for the practice of which a license, permit, or registration is required, without that license, permit, or registration.


This section shall not be construed to affect any other statutory or regulatory provision governing county services or programs, however reorganized or renamed, except for the organizational requirements specified in this section. In no case may a state department or agency reject a county plan required by the Health and Safety Code or the Welfare and Institutions Code or regulations enacted pursuant to either of those codes or impose sanctions for any program or service due to the organization or reorganization of county departments as authorized under this section or Division 5 (commencing with Section 33200). Prior to taking action to reject a county plan or impose sanctions, the department or agency shall inform the county board of supervisors in writing of the deficiency.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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