CA Gov't Code Section 24304

Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 24300, in counties of the 13th to 58th classes, inclusive, the board of supervisors by ordinance may consolidate the duties of certain of the county offices in one or more of these combinations:


Sheriff and tax collector.


Auditor and recorder.


County clerk, auditor, and recorder.


County clerk and public administrator.


County clerk and recorder.


County clerk and auditor.


Treasurer and tax collector.


Treasurer and recorder.


Treasurer and assessor.


Treasurer and public administrator.


Public administrator and coroner.


District attorney and public administrator.


District attorney and coroner.


Sheriff and coroner.


Sheriff and public administrator.


County agricultural commissioner and county sealer of weights and measures.


County clerk and tax collector.


Treasurer, tax collector, and recorder.


Sheriff, tax collector, and coroner.


Coroner and health officer.


Road commissioner and surveyor. A county may create an office entitled public works director, combining the duties of road commissioner and surveyor and any other compatible duties not legally required to be performed by another county officer.


Sheriff, coroner, and public administrator.


Treasurer, tax collector, and public administrator.


County clerk, assessor, and recorder.


Assessor and recorder.


Tax collector/county clerk and treasurer.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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