CA Gov't Code Section 22875.5


If the state has assumed from a public agency a function and the related personnel, service rendered by that personnel for compensation as employees or appointed or elective officers of that public agency may not be credited as state service for the purposes of Section 22874, 22874.1, 22874.2, 22874.3, or 22875 unless both of the following apply:


The former employer has paid or agreed to pay the state the amount actuarially determined to equal the cost for any employee health benefits that were vested at the time that the function and the related personnel were assumed by the state.


The Department of Finance finds that the contract contains a benefit factor sufficient to reimburse the state for the amount necessary to fully compensate for the postretirement health benefit costs of those personnel.


For noncontracting public agencies, the state agency that has assumed the function shall certify the completed years of public agency service to be credited to the employee as state service credit under Section 22874, 22874.1, 22874.2, 22874.3, or 22875.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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