CA Gov't Code Section 22014

“Fireman” as used in this part means any employee of the Division of Forestry, Department of Conservation, employed to perform duties now performed under the following titles: State Forester; all classes of rangers; all classes of deputy state foresters; all classes of fire prevention and law enforcement officers; all classes of foresters; all classes of forestry foreman; all classes of forestry trainees; all classes of forestry equipment and civil engineers; forestry superintendent, conservation camps; forest firetruck driver; forestry fireman; forest firefighter; equipment maintenance foreman or forestry equipment operator; or employed in any other position the principal duties of which consist of active fire suppression, and any employee of a public agency other than the state or University of California in a position designated as a fireman’s position by the board for the purposes of Section 218(d)(5)(A) of the Social Security Act.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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