CA Gov't Code Section 21258

For the purposes of determining eligibility for disability retirement, calculating disability retirement allowances, and determining and calculating death benefits, any member who, while in a membership category under which special benefits are provided by this part because a disability or death is determined industrial, and thereafter, while in a membership category under which special benefits are not so payable, is determined to be disabled because of the industrial injury or disease previously suffered or incurred or dies as a result thereof, shall be deemed to be, at the time of the disability retirement or death, in the membership category in which he or she was at the time he or she suffered the injury or incurred the disease. The member will be eligible to receive the industrial disability retirement benefit only if he or she was disabled for performance of his or her duties in the position under the membership category where industrial disability benefits are payable, from the date of discontinuance of the state service in which the industrial injury or disease occurred to the time of application. The effective date of retirement for purposes of this section shall be determined in accordance with Section 21252.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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