CA Gov't Code Section 21060


A member shall be retired for service upon his or her written application to the board if he or she has attained 50 years of age and is credited with five years of state service, except as provided in Sections 7522.20, 21061, 21062, and 21074.


For purposes of this section, “state service” includes service to the state for which the member, pursuant to Section 20281.5, did not receive credit.


For a member who has accrued service credit subject to the benefit formula in Section 7522.20 and who has also accrued service credit, within this retirement system, subject to a benefit formula with a minimum retirement age earlier than 52 years of age, the member shall receive an actuarially reduced equivalent benefit, upon retirement, for service subject to Section 7522.20, if the member retires before 52 years of age but at, or after, the minimum age of retirement permitted for other service within this retirement system and the member is credited with at least five years of service.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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