CA Gov't Code Section 21030


“Public service” for purposes of this article also means employment under a program sponsored by, and financed at least in part by, the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act of 1973, as amended.


Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a member electing to receive credit for public service under this section shall make the contributions as specified in Sections 21050 and 21052. However, any eligible member who requests costing of service credit between January 1, 2001, and December 31, 2003, may, instead of making those contributions, make the payment calculated under this article as it read on December 31, 2000, which payment shall be made in the manner described in Section 21050.


Benefits arising from service credited to a member under this section shall become a liability of the employer for which the service was rendered.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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