CA Gov't Code Section 21021

“Public service” for the employee of a student body organization, that is not a contracting agency, of a community college, means the period of employment prior to becoming a member of the permanent classified service of the district pursuant to Section 76060 or 88020 of the Education Code. The county superintendent of schools or superintendent of schools of an independently contracting community college district shall draw a requisition against the funds of the community college district for an amount equal to the total employer contribution that would have been requisitioned under Section 20617 had that service been rendered in the employ of the community college district and the employer rate and member compensation on the date of transfer had been in effect throughout the period of service credited. The governing board may, at its discretion, establish a method of recovering a portion of, or the total liability for, the amount so requisitioned.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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