CA Gov't Code Section 20752


A member of the Judges’ Retirement System, the Judges’ Retirement System II, the Legislators’ Retirement System, the State Teachers’ Retirement Plan, the University of California Retirement Plan, or a county retirement system, who has withdrawn accumulated contributions from this system shall have the right to redeposit those contributions, subject to the same conditions as imposed for redeposits of accumulated contributions by Section 20750, including the rights that he or she would have had under Section 20638 had he or she not withdrawn his or her contributions.


Provisions of this section extending a right to redeposit accumulated contributions withdrawn from this system shall also apply to members of any retirement system established under Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 45300) of Division 5 of Title 4 with respect to which an ordinance complying with Section 45310.5 has been filed with, and accepted by, the board or any retirement system established by, or pursuant to, the charter of a city or city and county or by any other public agency of this state which system, in the opinion of the board, provides a similar modification of rights and benefits because of membership in this system and with respect to which the governing body of the city, city and county or public agency and the board have entered into agreement pursuant to Section 20351.


A member who elects to redeposit under this section shall have the same rights as a member who has elected pursuant to Section 20731 to leave his or her accumulated contributions on deposit in the fund.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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