CA Gov't Code Section 20618


The assets and liabilities arising out of contracts with school employers, as defined in Section 20063, shall be merged, excluding that portion of a contract that provides benefits pursuant to Section 21623.6, that portion of a contract with respect to local police officers, as defined in Section 20430, and those contracts with school districts or community college districts, as defined in subdivision (i) of Section 20057, that employ school safety members, as defined in Section 20444. Employer accumulated contributions credited to those entities on June 30, 1982, and all the contributions paid by a school employer after June 30, 1982, shall be held exclusively for the benefit of school members, retired school members, and their beneficiaries.


Effective December 31, 1999, any service previously credited as local miscellaneous service with the Los Angeles Unified School District or the Los Angeles Community College District shall be considered service credit with a school employer. A person who is a member under a contract between the board and school districts or community college districts prior to July 1, 1983, shall not be denied any right extended to him or her by reason of that membership.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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