CA Gov't Code Section 20530.1


An agency whose contract provides for participation of its employees in this system may request the employees’ service, with the contracting agency, prior to the date the employees became members of this system, be credited under this system. If the employees are members of a local retirement system and received service and contribution credits under that local retirement system, credit in this system may be granted if the system administrator certifies that the local system may be transferred.


This section shall apply only to members employed by the contracting agency on the effective date of the contract or the amendment to the contract in which the contracting agency elects to be subject to the provisions of this section. Any cash and securities to the credit of the local retirement system and held on account of affected employees shall be transferred to this system as of said effective date.


Notwithstanding subdivision (b), the board may make arrangements with the agency for the transfer of all or a portion of assets, or all or a portion of service credit, over an appropriate period following the effective date of the contract or the amendment to the contract, if it finds that transfer as of the effective date is not possible without hardship to the agency or its employees. Nothing in these arrangements for the partial transfer of assets or service credit shall affect the crediting of service for purposes of determining eligibility for benefits under this system. Interest may be charged at the discretion of the board.


This section may not apply to any contracting agency unless and until the agency elects to be subject to this section by contract or amendment to the contract made in the manner prescribed for approval of contracts.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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