CA Gov't Code Section 20406

“State safety member” also includes persons employed by the state to perform lifeguard services and whose principal duties consist of active protection, rescue, and rendition of aid or assistance to persons injured or imperiled at beaches and lakes, streams, dams, reservoirs, or other bodies of open water, but not including swimming pools, and including members employed to perform duties performed under the titles of “District Aquatic Supervisor,” “Lifeguard Supervisor,” and “Lifeguard” or equivalent successor classes, some of which (including the maintenance of peace and order and the apprehension of law violators) are customarily performed by police or peace officers, and whose other duties (such as resuscitation work involving the use of special equipment in cases having no connection with their principal duties) that in other areas are customarily performed by firemen, and other and further duties that do not come directly within any of the above classifications but are essential to the safety and security of the public, other than persons employed under those titles on a seasonal basis, but excluding clerical, maintenance personnel, and others who do not fall within the scope of active lifeguarding or lifesaving services as described in this section even though those persons are subject to occasional call or are occasionally called upon to perform duties within the scope of active lifeguarding or lifesaving.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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