CA Gov't Code Section 20392

“State peace officer/firefighter member” also includes officers and employees with the following class titles: Class Code Classification 6875 Air Operations Officer I 1056 Air Operations Officer II 1053 Air Operations Officer III 6877 Air Operations Officer I (Maintenance) 6882 Air Operations Officer II (Maintenance) 1050 Air Operations Officer III (Maintenance) 8997 Arson and Bomb Investigator 9694 Board Coordinating Parole Agent, Youthful Offender Parole Board 9904 Correctional Counselor I 9903 Correctional Counselor II 9662 Correctional Officer 9911 Case Work Specialist, Youth Authority 9013 Deputy State Fire Marshal III (Specialist) 9086 Deputy State Fire Marshal 9010 Deputy State Fire Marshal III (Supervisor) 1077 Fire Apparatus Engineer 1095 Fire Captain 1072 Fire Control Aid 8979 Firefighter 1083 Firefighter I 1082 Firefighter II 9001 Firefighter (Correctional Institution) 8990 Firefighter/Security Officer 1047 Fire Prevention Officer I 1049 Fire Prevention Officer II 9090 Fire Service Training Specialist III 8418 Fish and Game Patrol, Lieutenant 8421 Fish and Game Warden, Department of Fish and Game 9039 Senior Food and Drug Investigator 9028 Food and Drug Program Specialist 9007 Food Technology Specialist 1060 Forestry Aid 1046 Forestry Pilot (Helicopter) 9579 Group Supervisor/Youth Correctional Officer 9578 Group Supervisor Trainee 6387 Heavy Fire Equipment Operator 1937 Hospital Peace Officer I 8416 Lieutenant Fish and Game Patrol Boat 0992 Lifeguard 8217 Medical Technical Assistant, Correctional Facility 1992 Museum Security Officer I 9701 Parole Agent I, Youth Authority 9765 Parole Agent I, Adult Parole 9696 Parole Agent II, Youth Authority (Specialist) 9763 Parole Agent II, Adult Parole (Supervisor) 9762 Patrol Agent II, Adult Parole (Specialist) 8215 Senior Medical Technical Assistant 8359 Sergeant, California State Police 8980 State Fire Marshal Trainee 9723 State Forest Ranger I (Nonsupervisory) 9724 State Forest Ranger II (Nonsupervisory) 0983 State Park Ranger I 8464 State Police Officer 8358 State Security Officer 8989 Captain Firefighter/Security Officer 8410 Warden–Pilot Department of Fish and Game 9581 Youth Counselor/Youth Correctional Counselor A member who is employed in a position that is reclassified to state peace officer/firefighter pursuant to this section may make an irrevocable election in writing to remain subject to the service retirement benefit and the normal rate of contribution applicable prior to reclassification by filing a notice of the election with the board within 90 days after notification by the board. A member who so elects shall be subject to the reduced benefit factors specified in Section 21353 or 21354.1, as applicable, only for service also included in the federal system.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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