CA Gov't Code Section 20324


An employee of the Senate or the Assembly, or the respective committees thereof, whose salaries or wages are paid from the Senate Operating Fund or the Assembly Operating Fund or the Operating Funds of the Assembly and Senate, shall be deemed a “legislative employee.” A legislative employee is excluded from membership in this system unless he or she files with the board an election in writing to become a member. The election shall not be required of a legislative employee who was a member of this system on October 1, 1963.


Upon electing to become a member, a legislative employee may further elect at any time prior to retirement to receive service credit for his or her prior, excluded legislative service and he or she shall have the option as to how much of that prior legislative service is to be credited. The legislative employee shall make contributions to this system as specified in Sections 21050 and 21051 for the previous service as a legislative employee for which he or she desires to receive service credit.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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