CA Gov't Code Section 19991.9

Any permanent state civil service employee or an employee serving under another appointment who previously had permanent status and who, since that permanent status, has had no break in the continuity of his or her state service, who served in the armed forces, and who is eligible because of that service for education or training under applicable state or federal law shall upon application to his or her appointing power be granted an educational leave of absence without pay for the period during which he or she receives that education or training and for three months thereafter. In order for that leave to be granted or to remain in effect, the employee must enroll for a minimum of 10 credit hours of post-high-school grade or the equivalent amount of work on high school level each school year. No such leave shall remain in effect for longer than four years and three months of school attendance. A leave so granted assures to the employee a right of return pursuant to Section 19143.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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