CA Gov't Code Section 19844.5


A state employee who is called into service by the Office of Emergency Services pursuant to a mission assignment number for the purpose of engaging in a search and rescue operation, disaster mission, or other life-saving mission conducted within the state is entitled to administrative time off from his or her appointing power. The appointing power shall not be liable for payment of any disability or death benefits in the event the employee is injured or killed in the course of service to the Office of Emergency Services, but the employee shall remain entitled to any benefits currently provided by the agency.


The period of the duty described in subdivision (a) shall not exceed 10 calendar days per fiscal year, including the time involved in going to and returning from the duty. A single mission shall not exceed three days, unless an extension of time is granted by the office and the appointing power.


This section shall apply only to volunteers participating in the California Explorer Search and Rescue Team, Drowning Accident Rescue Team, Wilderness Organization of Finders, California Rescue Dog Association, and the California Wing of the Civil Air Patrol.


A state employee engaging in a duty as described in this section shall not receive overtime compensation for the hours of time off taken but shall receive normal compensation.


A state employee shall be released to engage in a duty described in this section at the discretion of the appointing power. However, leave shall not be unreasonably denied. The appointing power shall also establish a procedure whereby state employees who receive weekend or evening requests to serve may be released to do so.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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