Section 19836


The department may authorize payment at any step above the minimum salary limit to classes or positions in order to meet recruiting problems, to obtain a person who has extraordinary qualifications, to correct salary inequities resulting from actions by the department or State Personnel Board, or to give credit for prior state service in connection with appointments, promotions, reinstatements, transfers, reallocations, or demotions. Other salary adjustments within the salary range for the class may be made upon the application of the appointing power and with the approval of the director. Adjustments within the salary range authorized by this section may be either permanent or temporary and may be made retroactive to the date of application for this change.


If the provisions of this section are in conflict with the provisions of a memorandum of understanding reached pursuant to Section 3517.5, the memorandum of understanding shall be controlling without further legislative action, except that if the provisions of a memorandum of understanding require the expenditure of funds, the provisions shall not become effective unless approved by the Legislature in the annual Budget Act.
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