CA Gov't Code Section 19175

The board at the written request of a rejected probationer, filed within 15 calendar days of the effective date of rejection, may investigate with or without a hearing the reasons for rejection. After investigation, the board may do any of the following:


Affirm the action of the appointing power.


Modify the action of the appointing power.


Restore the name of the rejected probationer to the employment list for certification to any position within the class; provided, that his or her name shall not be certified to the agency by which he or she was rejected, except with the concurrence of the appointing power of that agency.


Restore him or her to the position from which he or she was rejected, but this shall be done only if the board determines, after a hearing, that there is no substantial evidence to support the reason or reasons for rejection, or that the rejection was made in fraud or bad faith. At the hearing, the rejected probationer shall have the burden of proof. Subject to rebuttal by the rejected probationer, it shall be presumed that the rejection was free from fraud and bad faith and that the statement of reasons therefor in the notice of rejection is true.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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