CA Gov't Code Section 19057.1

Except for reemployment lists, State Restriction of Appointment lists, and Limited Examination and Appointment Program referral lists, there shall be certified to the appointing power the names and addresses of all those eligibles whose scores, at the time of certification, represent the three highest ranks on the employment list for the class, and who have indicated their willingness to accept appointment under the conditions of employment specified.
For purposes of ranking, scores of eligibles on employment lists covered by this section shall be rounded to the nearest whole percent. A rank shall consist of one or more eligibles with the same whole percentage score.
If the names on the list from which certification is being made represent fewer than three ranks, then, consistent with board rules, additional eligibles may be certified from the various lists next lower in order of preference until names from three ranks appear. If there are fewer than three names available for certification, and the appointing authority does not choose to appoint from among these, the appointing authority may demand certification of three names. In that case, examinations shall be conducted until at least three names may be certified by the procedure described in this section, and the appointing authority shall fill the position by appointment of one of the persons certified.
Fractional examination scores shall be provided to, and used by, the Department of the California Highway Patrol for its peace officer classes.
The department may, consistent with board rules, provide for certifying less than three ranks where the size of the certified group is disproportionate to the number of vacancies.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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