CA Gov't Code Section 18900.6


The department may authorize the use of skills-based certification for information technology classifications if all of the following conditions are satisfied:


There is a job analysis that meets legal standards.


The class is used on a servicewide basis.


The class is broad and includes a number of distinct assignments.


It is in the best interest of the state to use skills-based certification.


For purposes of this section, “skills-based certification” means the creation of a unique certification list for each vacancy within a class. Skills-based certification is created by weighting the scores attained by competitors of all measured knowledge, skills, and abilities to reflect their relative importance to the job, as identified by a job analysis for each vacancy. Skills-based certification shall replace the single eligible list for a classification with a unique list of eligible individuals for each vacancy. Skills-based certification shall determine the order of individuals on a certification list; it shall not affect the rules for using certification lists.


The department shall also promulgate regulations specifying how skills-based certification shall be implemented. Among other things, these regulations shall include provisions to ensure fairness to all candidates and prevent improper manipulation.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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