CA Gov't Code Section 18502


There is hereby created in state government the Department of Human Resources. The department succeeds to and is vested with the following:


All of the powers and duties exercised and performed by the Department of Personnel Administration.


Those powers, duties, and authorities necessary to operate the state civil service system pursuant to Article VII of the California Constitution, this code, the merit principle, and applicable rules duly adopted by the State Personnel Board.


The State Personnel Board shall prescribe rules consistent with a merit based civil service system to govern classification, examinations, probationary periods, disciplinary actions, and other matters related to the board’s authority under Article VII of the California Constitution. The State Personnel Board may conduct audits and investigations of personnel practices of the department and appointing authorities to ensure compliance with civil service policies, procedures, and statutes.


This section shall not limit the authority of the Department of Human Resources and the State Personnel Board to delegate, share, or transfer between them responsibilities for programs within their respective jurisdictions pursuant to an agreement.


The rules and regulations of the State Personnel Board and of the Department of Personnel Administration shall remain in effect unless and until contradicted by the terms of this chapter or amended or repealed by the board or the Department of Human Resources.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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