CA Gov't Code Section 17558.5


A reimbursement claim for actual costs filed by a local agency or school district pursuant to this chapter is subject to the initiation of an audit by the Controller no later than three years after the date that the actual reimbursement claim is filed or last amended, whichever is later. However, if no funds are appropriated or no payment is made to a claimant for the program for the fiscal year for which the claim is filed, the time for the Controller to initiate an audit shall commence to run from the date of initial payment of the claim. In any case, an audit shall be completed not later than two years after the date that the audit is commenced.


The Controller may conduct a field review of any claim after the claim has been submitted, prior to the reimbursement of the claim.


The Controller shall notify the claimant in writing within 30 days after issuance of a remittance advice of any adjustment to a claim for reimbursement that results from an audit or review. The notification shall specify the claim components adjusted, the amounts adjusted, interest charges on claims adjusted to reduce the overall reimbursement to the local agency or school district, and the reason for the adjustment. Remittance advices and other notices of payment action shall not constitute notice of adjustment from an audit or review.


The interest rate charged by the Controller on reduced claims shall be set at the Pooled Money Investment Account rate and shall be imposed on the dollar amount of the overpaid claim from the time the claim was paid until overpayment is satisfied.


Nothing in this section shall be construed to limit the adjustment of payments when inaccuracies are determined to be the result of the intent to defraud, or when a delay in the completion of an audit is the result of willful acts by the claimant or inability to reach agreement on terms of final settlement.
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