CA Gov't Code Section 17311


There is hereby appropriated from the General Fund without regard to fiscal years two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000), which shall be set aside in a special account entitled State Notes Expense Account, and shall be used to pay expenses incurred by the Treasurer, Controller, or the Department of Finance in providing for the preparation, sale, issuance, advertising, legal services, or any other act which, in the discretion of the Treasurer or the Department of Finance, is necessary to carry out the purposes of this part. This account shall operate as a revolving fund and whenever notes are sold, out of the first money realized from their sale, any remaining expenses shall be paid and then there shall be redeposited in the account any amounts that have been expended for the above purposes, which amounts may be used for the same purposes and repaid in the same manner whenever additional sales are made. Without limiting Section 17300, a demand drawn under Section 17300 may include the expenses described in this subdivision. In the alternative, all or a portion of the expenses described in this subdivision may be paid by causing the notes to bear interest at a rate that results in payment by the purchaser of the notes of a premium sufficient to pay these expenses.


Any premium received upon the sale of an issuance of notes shall be applied to expenses described in subdivision (a) or shall be credited to the General Fund and applied to the payment of interest on notes.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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