CA Gov't Code Section 16850


Notwithstanding any other provision of law, each awarding department shall have annual statewide participation goals of not less than 15 percent for minority business enterprises and 5 percent for women business enterprises for contracts entered into by the awarding department during the year for each of the professional bond services. This section shall not apply if a contract for professional bond services of an underwriter is to be obtained by competitive bid. However, each awarding department shall establish goals for contracts to be obtained by competitive bid for professional bond services, as defined in Section 16851. These goals shall apply to the overall dollar amount expended by the awarding department with respect to the contracts for professional bond services relating to the issuance of bonds by the awarding department including amounts spent as underwriter’s discounts.


In attempting to meet the goals set forth in subdivision (a), the awarding department shall consider establishing cocounsel, joint venture, and subcontracting relationships including minority business enterprises and women business enterprises in all contracts for bonds awarded by the awarding department. However, nothing in this article shall preclude the awarding department from achieving the goals set forth in this section without requiring joint ventures, cocounsel, or subcontracting arrangements.


This section shall not limit the ability of any awarding department to meet a goal higher than those set forth in subdivision (a) for participation by minority and women business enterprises in contracts awarded by the awarding department.


Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to authorize any awarding department to discriminate in the awarding of any contract on the basis of race, color, sex, ethnic origin, or ancestry.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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