CA Gov't Code Section 16754


The bonds specified in the resolution shall be sold by the Treasurer, at the time fixed by the Treasurer, and upon the notice that the Treasurer may deem advisable, or at the time to which the sale shall have been so continued, at a competitive sale to the bidder whose bid will result in the lowest interest cost on account of those bonds.
(b)The Treasurer shall reject any and all bids for the bonds that shall be below the par value thereof plus the interest that shall have accrued thereon from the date thereof or, if any past due coupon or coupons have been detached from the bonds prior to the delivery thereof, then from the due date of the latest coupon so detached, to the date of the purchaser’s payment for the bond.


The method of determining the lowest interest cost bid shall be prescribed in the bond resolution and shall be limited to either the net interest cost method or the present worth basis method, also referred to as the true interest cost, bond book basis, and Canadian interest cost method.
(1)The net interest cost of each bid shall be determined by ascertaining the total amount of interest that the state would be required to pay under that bid, from the date of the bonds to the respective maturity dates of the bonds then offered for sale, at the coupon rate or rates specified in the bid, less the total amount of the premium, if any, offered by the bid. The bid under which the amount so ascertained is the least shall be deemed to be the bid resulting in the lowest net interest cost.


Under the present worth basis method, the bonds shall be awarded to the bidder submitting the lowest interest rate bid, which shall be determined by doubling the semiannual interest rate, compounded semiannually, necessary to discount the debt service payments to the specified interest computation date and to the price bid.


Under either method specified in subdivision (c), the sale shall be for cash, payable upon the delivery of the bonds in definitive form, or if the right to deliver temporary securities has been reserved, then upon the delivery of the temporary securities.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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